Recycling Cash Solutions

Save Time

Automate back office operations to save time at the start and end of shifts, reducing human reporting errors and increasing accountability.

Decrease Working Capital

CashCompleteTM software provides accurate and efficient management of in-store cash holding requirements allowing you to deposit surplus cash into your bank or reinvest into new opportunities.

Improve Productivity

Eliminate all daily tasks from counting, managing till content, reconciliation and reporting in-store cash, which allows the staff to be deployed into higher value activities.

The Complete Solution

When combining the RCS-500 Cash Recycler with the RCS-600 Coin Recycler, a complete cash handling solution is created. Fully automate your back office operations and till management using this combination. Also pictured is the Blind Drop Safe to add a safe blind drop location for cash overflow.

Technical Specifications

Deposit 12 coins per second
Dispense 40 coins per second
Storage Recycling 40,000 coins, 8 coin hoppers (4x2)
Storage Pickup / Overflow 8,650 coins
Total Capacity 48,650 coins
Validator ECB Certified
Safe 2-3mm steel plate
Width 673mm (26.48”)
Height 1293mm (50.91”)
Depth 752mm (29.62”)
Weight Empty 337kg (743lbs)

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