Smart Deposit Solutions

Reduce Shrinkage

Instantly validate to prevent counterfeits, while automatically processing every note for accurate deposit counts every time.

Increase Efficiency

Empower your employees to accept larger value notes with confidence and reducing touchpoints, saving your business time and resources.

Improve Security

Keep your capital safe and monitored using our CashCompleteTM software platform coupled with a range of hardware to fit your needs.

Technical Specifications

Width 351.79mm (13.85”)
Height 819.15mm (32.25”)
Depth 660.4mm (26”)
Net Weight 78.92kg (174 lbs.)
Power Supply 120 VAC 60Hz
Feeder Speed 1 Banknote Per Second (in batches)
Storage Capacity 2,000 Note(s)
Bill Validator 4-Way Read
Single Note Feeder
Regulatory UL Certified
RoHS Compliant

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